Simplexity Cypher

By William H. Donnelly   (ca November 2013)
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• A Casual Treatise

I have written a casual treatise on the Simplexity Cypher. It describes the cypher in detail and is the definitive source of exactly what the cypher comprises. It is offered here as a web page and a PDF document. (linked to at the bottom of that page)

There is also a link to a Proof of Concept implementation for online testing, after the description, as well as information about a Code Breaking Cracking Challenge and prize award.

    The Simplexity Cypher – A Casual Treatise


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• About the Author/Creator/Inventor/Discoverer

William Donnelly is a creative, an eclectic, and an autodidact. A Coder at heart, he has excelled (+/- ; in his own way) in the area of Information Science, specializing in Computer Science, both as a career and as a hobby. He was a Computer Wiz Kid at an early age, and is now an over-the-hill Computer Wiz Kid. He has been a Computer Scientist for almost 40 years, and is fluent in several programming languages, proficient in several more, and has a working knowledge of, and experience with, many others, from machine language to higher level languages, as well as 4GL systems, scripting (web-based and others), and many database systems. He has worked as a Computer Programmer/Analyst, Consultant, and Software Engineer for nearly 30 years. Highly skilled in most areas of computer programming, he is an expert Problem Solver and a Master Debugger. Cryptology, cryptography, cryptanalysis, and cyphers are minor hobbies. He has a BS from the School of Life, a self-inflicted MA, and a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks. This is a mere smattering of his particulars, but includes those apropos to this project. He lives in northern California, USA.



Copyright © 2005–2014 by William H. Donnelly — All Rights Reserved.
All worldwide intellectual property rights are hereby retained in full.
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